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Chamber of Commerce is OUT!                                        Local Patriot Business Alliance is IN!

Chamber of Commerce is OUT! Local Patriot Business Alliance is IN!

For small business owners feeling underrepresented, exploring alternative organizations or forming new groups more aligned with their specific needs and values could be beneficial.

Local Patriot Business Alliance
“Empowering Local Business,
Celebrating Our Values”

“Dedicated to nurturing a thriving local economy through collaboration, support, and a steadfast commitment to our shared values of freedom and community.”

“Become a part of a vibrant community that supports your business and your values. Visit localpba.com to join us today!”

  1. Local First: The importance of supporting, promoting, and prioritizing local businesses keeping money within the community, supporting local jobs, and foster a unique local culture.
  2. Collaboration Over Competition: An environment where businesses work together for mutual success. This could involve shared resources, joint marketing efforts, and community-based projects that benefit all participating businesses.
  3. Businesses have to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions. Learn to adapt new technologies, sustainable practices, and innovative business models that differentiate local businesses from larger, national chains.
  4. Be active and participation in community affairs and social issues. This can include organizing community service projects, supporting local non-profits, and engaging in activities that improve the local area and quality of life for all residents.
  5. Workshops, seminars, and resources that help small businesses grow and manage their operations more effectively. This theme focuses on skill-building and professional development to help business owners stay competitive.
  6. A strong advocate for small businesses at both the local and regional levels. Lobbying for small business-friendly policies, providing resources for navigating regulatory environments, and ensuring that the voices of small business owners are heard.
  • Benefits of Joining:
    • Networking opportunities with like-minded local business owners
    • Access to resources and training specifically designed for local business empowerment
    • Advocacy for policies that benefit local enterprises and uphold our values
    • Invitations to community and national events that celebrate and promote our principles

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