Conservative Connection

Conservative Connection

Using an AI review the result was what I actually wanted. Here is the review.
The tone of the article is confrontational and may alienate readers who hold different views. Adopting a more respectful and professional tone, even when discussing contentious topics, can broaden your audience and encourage constructive dialogue. {if your not already here you’ll never get it}

It’s not in the wide open but it’s getting there. Anti-Christians trying to be Influencers, pushing their immoral behaviors and beliefs like they are a driving force in communities and especially government agencies, you know like public education and Washington DC.

Conservatives are learning their tricks, BLM and Antfi to name a couple. Communities are taking back their rights and speaking loudly about their values. You want to be half a fag and wear your hear in a man bun, have at it but don’t think your getting my respect, and definitely don’t apply for a job at any of my companies. American values and traditions are time tested and will continue because it’s based on core values like belief in God and honest and open relationships. The American Family, Mom and Dad, the dream to have a wholesome environment of productive people working and sharing in a community. Combining our strengths and weaknesses to be stronger as a unit

But in the process big corporations decided they need to think and make decisions for us, Us, our local communities. They establish laws in Washington that actually hurt communities and are designed to break the bonds of the local environment. There are so many examples, from pesticides in food to vaccines that do more harm than good.

But People are starting to realize the game is a rigged one and it’s rigged by very wealthy people. Weather you believe 9-11 was an inside job, or that the Hawaii wildfires were caused by theses people, your seeing the COVID debacle that caused more harm than good and of course COVID was created in a lab and funded by the US government

But we have to establish a method to communicate and exchange in the parallel economy. One of my biggest fears is and I am sure one of yours is the government spying on your internet communications. Of course they have access to your emails if your on a major free email provider and if your not encrypting your messages they can see them, they are watching and building lists. This is another topic that needs to be understood. There are solutions, primarily don’t use Fakebook or Google services or any of their affiliates like youtube. Our solution being developed besides not allowing ad-sense or any other list generating services is to develop on the new web3 system. We are working to establish our member lists on localad.x to keep them private and secure

Now lets look at influencers and how they relate to our businesses. For starters we believe if someone wants to promote a product or service to our members it needs to be genuine. You wont see us selling a pillow company or the latest conservative mass marketing campaign, coffee, pain relief, dog supplement, these just are not our objective, We don’t want to parrot national campaigns we are LOCALAD. Local advisers and local suggestions and reviews by the local community.

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