Your at the gym and during your super set you have this great idea on how to improve your current shitty situation
on a task that just down right sucks. You go to the reception desk , ask for a business card and jot down this game changing concept.
Then back to doing the thing that somehow you have to do but for some reason always makes you live in constant pain. (talking about exercise)


Off the paper into a peer review (you & your dog)


Get it out of the idea stage and into a forum where it can be pondered, picked at, modded, shot down, and finally turned into a digital model.

Computer Aided Design

Here is a Technology that has seen impressive design changes in the last 20 years. 

As it says, computer aided design. This says first you need a computer and second you need design software.

If your brand new to this concept here is your first tip, it gets frustrating and it’s best if you have a group to learn with. 
Recommendations, join a Maker community and a CAD Maker one at that. Why do I make this recommendation,

because if you dont have a person to guide you , or a pre planned project you can follow along, it wont take 5 minutes for you to take a nap, wake up and go back to your non interactive programming device called television, that’s someone programming you not you programming your new creation. 


Wait until you realize you actually can 3d print your creation 

Not to get to far into the potential of your brain and imagination but it’s common to have a 3d printer, if you dont have one there has never been a better time for value, dependability and usability. 


Back to CAD


If your reading this your getting a new label. Maker  And here is another term to learn REPRAP. Your journey is now going deep into the realm of the internet. 

Cad design is a massive industry and just about every designer from intermediate to pro is working freelance.

To me that means I can come up with an idea and have others work on the design, others means a student in the Congo or a professional in Italy.

It’s amazing the work that can be done even as a beginner. Cad software is FREE or if you choose a high end version you can be a student, my choice is SIEMENS

Everyone is different, people we relate to, methods of instruction, you have to choose what works for you

Our completed project of autonomous flying drone


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