Design can be simple to very complicated. One thing for sure it will include electronics

Getting the right people working on a project can make or break it. 

There is a manufacture revolution happening and with the right people
and equipment  the smallest shop, even home based businesses can get involved

There is nothing worse than trying to get started learning a new technology and not having some guidance. Our goal is to identify or develop these guides , using proven methods and components to get you learning and avoiding the pitfalls like crappy manufactured components or learning things that are not productive. By identifing and creating these lessons , guidance that has finished outcomes, learning can be fun

Volusia Market is a community, our experience is with building and designing cnc===== machines, creating products
and building things. At the Maker level thousands of designs and complete projects are getting built.

So many talented people are involved in this online community. The amazing thig is the complexity of current builds.
It’s all done by people designing, sharing, then getting improved and modded to some real professional designs

Getting involved in this community is not expensive but getting lost in the technology elements will happen.

Once you identify the elements and start to acquire the terminology and identify components it becomes manageable.


It’s a long learning process for a beginner, the design,build,manufacture components that is. And they all need to
be understood in order to manage a productive environment
3d printing is a big component and the designs and materials are getting top quality and the affordability also becoming less of a constraint to projects

Volusia Market wants to be the clearing house for this community to buy and sell tools, machines, and hire professionals
to assist in your projects. Not just a for sale listing website but a group looking to help others learn and understand technology.
Signing up is our way of identifying and verifying members. Posting a listing or being a member is not required but
it allows the Volusia Market to grow and offer more services and instructional information.
Our corporate identity is, we are conservative patriots and work every day to educate the people of America
to the benefits of self-reliance, ethics and family values. That being said we do not affiliate or associate with any
Left wing organizations. No google analytics, no sharing your information with anyone unless required by law.

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