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Dump Cable internet for Fiber Optic Finally!

Dump Cable internet for Fiber Optic Finally!

I live in volusia county and have been a spectrum customer for over 10 years. Never any offers or deals on my internet service, No I don’t want your idiot tv programs, I just want broadband.

Finally an entrepreneur has installed a fiber network in Volusia County and the strangle hold is over.
Best part was canceling the spectrum service, well sir we can offer you an upgrade to just under 500mb for only 60 dollars a month. Wait, that’s Half of what I am getting now on a fiber connection and the modem and wireless setup is FREE.

These guys WIRE3 use Nokia boxes and they have a 10gig network port. Wait what?
You heard me right, the Wire3 plan is 60 dollars a month with a 10gig fiber connection.
For me it shakes out like this, I have a gigabit router and my network consists of computers that have gigabit network cards. Even my cell phones and wireless connections are blazing fast.

Fiber optic has always been promoted as the future and it’s finally available at my house

Update: Starting my 3rd month and wow what a difference

use referral jim@localad.com and I’ll get a free month and you will get a major upgrade from cable

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