It's a disposable world or is it?

Using the Volusia Market is great to exchange or re-purpose stuff your just done with.
You have to agree just putting it in the trash is wasteful and not environmentally friendly.

We use the environmental  buzz words when it suits our needs, actually our recycling effort comes from the cost standpoint.
Most people want to protect the environment, it’s a God gift and we are responsible for our children and theirs, but it can get a little crazy especially when you get governments involved. Using the excuse “but at least we tried” is just an old and tired way to fleece the people by greedy politicians or corporations in the government handout game.

Unfortunately this is a rich class membership for which most don’t belong.  The working middle class benefits greatly when they can fix or build. Volusia Market is the place to move resources between a community of innovators, the people that are truly productive, 24/7. Post a classifieds for a local business you believe needs a shout out, we’ll double it and help build the business listings of patriot business owners

Materials are crazy expensive when you purchase retail and that limits your ability to explore the things you want to build that are popping up in your
15 minute attention span brain.  Let us help.,

So many developments have hit the market that there are basically no limits to the projects you can invest your time in, well some invested and some wasted, but at least your not sitting on the couch getting excessively large watching a one way communication (programming) invention designed to keep you stupid and thinking like all the other steeple.


Fixing is the advanced stage of designing for us.

Designing is when we get this brilliant idea when we’re on a task, an idea that will save time or reduce the workload and we write it down or draw an image, put it on the tool box and look at it later after the sun goes down, 6 o’clock if your brilliant govt leaders still do daylight savings time which is the complete opposite. (daylight losing time)


Back to fixing.

Fixing is when you have an already developed product that is not functioning according to it’s design parameters. When this limit is reached can be established by many factors and the level of FIX determined by the initial engineering and design and how the previous owner maintained the item. Many things purchased these days are not even fixable, their designs so inferior,
the product pushed out quickly with expectations of the unit being discarded withing months of purchase. Some people consider this an economic choice, just use it for a few moths and replace it.
I guess this might make sense to some but it’s just wasteful and environmentally unfriendly.
An example would be a household vacuum cleaner. 99 dollars or less at Walmart

A vacuum cleaner is disposed of when the belt breaks or in some cases when it gets clogged with pet hair, simple fix, and for some reason like a used mattress people just don’t want a used vacuum cleaner and to consider some cleaners cost over 500 bucks. I’m not saying you should invest time in repairing Walmart china made re-engineered POS 99 dollar knock-off, they deserve to be trashed, but Dysen or other commercial brands should be investigated for reestablishing their utility. Of course the buyer of a used vacuum should understand these units are made to be serviced and used for a lifetime. You can stick with your current strategy of buying a new POS model every 6 months that’s your decision, it’s what you have to do with the Walmart China system. Buy junk and replace it regularly.

I use the analogy of American Aviation,  This is a perfect example of conditional maintenance. You disassemble the part or craft at intervals and replace parts whether they are broken or not, you keep records, and the unit continues in service for a lifetime. It’s not uncommon to see 1960 build aircraft in showroom condition flying on a regular basis. Thank god the Walmart-China eco system has not invaded the us aviation market.

The mission for Volusia Market is to establish information and instructional materials for fixers and to establish the people qualified to do the work.
Setting up a page that will allow persons to post their skills for hire (freelancer), the sales page to post quality items in serviceable condition.
Because we are a closed community interaction between fixers and customers is an open and honest transaction, the purchaser of the service able to comment or rate the fixer. Items sold on the market are backed by the seller,, condition or quality can be established by the seller, but the buyer beware. If a seller has a good track record business will be good, then again many items sold as is require inspectionand decisions have to be made with the knowledge as-is means you own it. Our goal is to establish good quality used and as is to eliminate confusion on condition.   

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