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Mission: Add quality sound system to my garage and do it cheep

Mission: Add quality sound system to my garage and do it cheep

This is the outcome and a illustration of setting up a reasonable sound system for cheep.
I am always on the lookout for quality speakers when I’m at the Flea Market or yard sales. You would be surprised of the deals for some really good ones.
This time I purchase some Peavy Pulse, a pair for 15 bucks. Thats solid case units so I figured i would take the gamble. These are primarily loud speakers for PA I believe and also specify 70volts.

If you have ever viewed my other builds you will realize I like to repourpose items, this setup using an xbox power supply and an automotive 500watt amp.
The final component was to add Bluetooth receiver to the setup so I could connect from any of my Bluetooth transmitters.

There were many options bur i wanted Bluetooth 5.3, for many reasons but primarily because of the latest technology and it keeps designs current. I ended up having to pay 15 bucks, more that I wanted but it’s 5.3. The overall review will be an update because the receiver is in the mail

How is Bluetooth 5.3 better than 5.0

Bluetooth 5.3 offers several improvements and new features over Bluetooth 5.0, making it a more efficient and versatile wireless communication standard. Here are the key enhancements introduced with Bluetooth 5.3:

  1. Enhanced Attribute Protocol (EATT): Bluetooth 5.3 introduces EATT, which allows for simultaneous transactions of ATT packets. This improves the efficiency and responsiveness of connected devices, enabling better multitasking capabilities for applications that require multiple, concurrent Bluetooth operations.
  2. Periodic Advertising with Improved Synchronization: This feature enhances the synchronization process for periodic advertising, making it more power-efficient. It allows devices to more effectively manage how they listen for and synchronize with periodic advertisements, reducing the overall power consumption for devices that rely on this feature for background connectivity and data transfer.
  3. Channel Classification for LE: Bluetooth 5.3 improves the channel classification mechanism for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) by allowing devices to update channel classification without requiring a connection. This helps in avoiding interference on known bad channels more efficiently, improving the reliability and performance of Bluetooth connections in environments with high wireless interference.
  4. Improved Power Control: With Bluetooth 5.3, there are enhancements to the power control features, allowing devices to manage their transmit power more dynamically. This leads to better power efficiency and can help in reducing the likelihood of interference with other wireless devices, as well as extending the battery life of Bluetooth devices.
  5. LE Power Control Enhancements: These enhancements allow for better management of transmit power between devices, contributing to improved energy efficiency and potentially extending the operational lifespan of battery-powered devices.
  6. Isochronous Channels Enhancements (Isochronous Streams): While the foundation for isochronous channels was laid in previous versions, Bluetooth 5.3 continues to refine this feature, which is crucial for real-time audio transmission in devices like wireless headphones and hearing aids. This could mean improvements in audio quality and synchronization for those devices.
  7. Security Improvements: Bluetooth 5.3 includes updates to improve the security of Bluetooth connections, addressing vulnerabilities and enhancing the encryption and authentication mechanisms to protect against eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Overall, Bluetooth 5.3 offers improvements in efficiency, reliability, and power consumption, along with enhanced features for device connectivity and security. These advancements make Bluetooth technology more suitable for a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to industrial and IoT devices.

Update coming:

speakers 15
amp free
power supply Free
Bluetooth Reciever 15
So I had to invest 30 bucks, I will blast the system and record it soon

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