Matter vs Z-Wave Plus V2  “We Chose Z-wave”

Matter vs Z-Wave Plus V2 “We Chose Z-wave”

When comparing Matter and Z-Wave V2, factors such as industry support, openness, connectivity options, security features, and specific use cases will influence the choice of technology for smart home applications. It’s essential to consider the latest developments and standards in the rapidly evolving IoT landscape. For us it’s an easy decision, we choose anything besides Google every time, especially in our homes. We are not letting the Beast in the door

With our straight Hate of Google exposed lets look at some other elements of this decision. First all Z-Wave Plus devices are born equal, the same cannot be said for Matter devices. Sticking with a solid standard will always be the best choice, hoping for compatibility in the case of matter just leads to compromised systems and technical issues

Lets dig deeper and build out a Z-wave example installation

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