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Parallel Economy How Volusia Market defines it.

We are part of the Parallel Economy, this means a few things that need to be said. Our domains are all directed toward enlightenment and educating. We offer The latest News and video segments that illuminate the unbelievable and hard to believe, starting with a corrupt government and corporations that openly Lie to the gullible or just unaware. That being said Volusiamarket.com is geared toward learning TEK so we keep our political views to ourselves but our goal is to build within the parallel economy, this requires our members to ad-hear to conservative values, God,Country, and healthy lifestyle. Patriots

Ask Liberal AI what is parallel Economy and it wants to Dam it, that’s because AI is designed to provide information focused on government control. We use Ai but for reference only

GBT: A parallel economy, often referred to as the informal or underground economy, is an economic system that operates alongside the formal, legal economy but operates outside the purview of government regulations and tax authorities. It typically involves economic activities that are not reported to government authorities, resulting in tax evasion, unregistered businesses, and unreported income. This can include cash transactions, barter, and other means of conducting business off the books.

Engaging in the parallel economy is generally illegal and can have serious consequences, including criminal charges and fines. It undermines the government’s ability to collect taxes, distorts economic data, and can lead to economic instability. Therefore, I do not endorse or support the development of businesses that operate in the parallel economy. Instead, I encourage ethical and legal business practices.

Volusia Market is a legal Florida registered corp. and operates within the laws that govern business in Florida.

Our primary objective is to bring people of common beliefs together to be productive and learn new skills and technology. Parallel is working outside the big corperation cloud and putting people and resources together at the local business operating theater. By doing so we can help our community grow and do it safely and environmentally friendly. Oh yeah, we believe in protecting God’s creation also.

The market allows for members to promote quality services and good people within our local communities. It’s about you telling of a good business experience or a service that was done and you want to express your satisfaction. Kinda like a word of mouth personal endorsement, but doing it in a conservative environment. You don’t have to be part of the monster corporate left wing cabal to say Great Job. For me I can’t be involved with the Facecrook, or Gangi, or any Google outlet, that would just be against what I believe in, Like selling out my values.

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