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Read The Terms before doing Business online!

Read The Terms before doing Business online!

If you take the time to read the terms agreements on businesses you encounter on the web you will be in a better position to SEE the character of the company or corporation. Here is an example

You want to create an art masterpiece from your photos of your recent vacation. It’s so good the company doing the printing decides to sell it as their own!

It’s important as a photographer to maintain ownership and not allow companies a right to duplicate

Here are the terms from a great deal on the web for printing your photo on canvas. Would you be pissed off to find out they were reproducing your work for their purposes? I would

You do not lose ownership of the Content that you design on, or upload to, the Web Site. By uploading Designs to the Web Site or creating Designs with our design tools, however, you grant the following licenses to us: the nonexclusive, worldwide, transferable, sublicensable right to copy, crop, reproduce, publicly display, sell, and distribute the Design in or on Products and in advertising, marketing, samples, and promotional materials for the purpose of promoting the Web Site and Products; and the right to make modifications to your Design as we, in its sole discretion, find necessary to achieve the above listed purposes.

You may remove the Content you designed at any time, and you retain any copyright and other intellectual property rights in that Content. If you choose to remove Content that you designed or uploaded and notify us of your intention to terminate the licenses described in the above paragraph, those licenses will terminate, except that we may fulfill all orders that are in any way derived from that Content placed prior to notice of termination and may continue to use said Content in marketing and promotional materials.

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