Developing On-line without Google

Developing On-line without Google

Developing Small Business Advertising Without Google

What if your values conflict with a primary player on the web?

You know what I mean—you can’t just ignore your core beliefs for more income or association credits. In the end, you risk losing your soul and becoming just another sellout. At Volusia Market, that’s not our motive. We offer real solutions for businesses who prioritize integrity over convenience.

We established Volusia Market to collaborate with people who uphold values—people who are the great American patriots, the backbone of America. Our objective? To help you achieve success by getting the best value for your ad budget while connecting you with other businesses of quality character and shared values.

Why Exclude Google?

Google Analytics, while popular, collects extensive data on users’ activities, which can clash with privacy-focused business practices. With growing concerns over data privacy and misuse, businesses are seeking alternatives that align more closely with their ethical standards and customer expectations.

Explore these Google alternatives for managing your marketing efforts:

  1. Matomo
    • Overview: A comprehensive analytics platform that allows full data control as it’s hosted on your server.
    • Features: Real-time data updates, visitor profiles, heatmaps, and GDPR compliance tools.
    • Pros: Complete data ownership and privacy, extensive features.
    • Cons: Requires technical knowledge for setup and ongoing maintenance.
  2. Clicky
    • Overview: An analytics tool that provides insights into website traffic in real-time.
    • Features: Detailed individual visitor and action tracking, heatmaps, uptime monitoring, and real-time analytics.
    • Pros: User-friendly interface, immediate data access.
    • Cons: May struggle with scalability for large-scale operations.
  3. Plausible Analytics
    • Overview: A lightweight and privacy-friendly analytics tool that uses no cookies and is fully open-source.
    • Features: Real-time visitor statistics, simple traffic breakdowns, and referral tracking.
    • Pros: Minimalist approach, respects user privacy.
    • Cons: Fewer in-depth analytical features compared to competitors.
  4. Fathom Analytics
    • Overview: Designed for simplicity, Fathom provides analytics without compromising on privacy.
    • Features: Aggregate data collection, privacy compliance, and simple user interface.
    • Pros: Very easy to set up and manage, no personal data collection.
    • Cons: Premium pricing, basic feature set might not suffice for detailed analysis needs.
  5. Woopra
    • Overview: An end-to-end solution focusing on customer journey analytics.
    • Features: Customer segmentation, real-time stats, automated reports, and custom event tracking.
    • Pros: Comprehensive understanding of customer interactions.
    • Cons: Complex setup and potentially high costs for full features.

The Advantage of Choosing Alternatives

Choosing these alternatives over Google not only supports maintaining your ethical standards but also positions your brand as a privacy-conscious leader, which is increasingly important to consumers. By adopting tools that prioritize user privacy and data ownership, you demonstrate your commitment to values that resonate with your target audience.

At Volusia Market, we’re not just about advertising; we’re about building a community of like-minded businesses and individuals who support each other’s growth and success.

Join us at Volusia Market—where your values and your business flourish together.

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