Dept. of not your business

Dept. of not your business

Small business is the backbone of America. But NOT yours!

Have you as a small business owner stopped to think why do you hear of all the Government programs and millions of dollars available for small business help but you don’t qualify. Why does it appear because your white and male somehow your not qualified. It’s not a theory it’s a plan.

In light of concerns regarding the accessibility and effectiveness of government support for small businesses, many local communities are pioneering innovative solutions to foster economic growth and resilience independently of government resources. This movement towards creating parallel economies is a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of entrepreneurs and community leaders who seek to empower local businesses through alternative means.

These parallel economies often focus on leveraging the strengths of local networks, shared resources, and community funding models to support business development and sustainability. By doing so, they aim to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that thrives on mutual support, collaboration, and direct investment in local enterprises.

One key aspect of these parallel economies is the emphasis on local investment clubs or crowdfunding platforms that allow community members to directly invest in local businesses. This approach not only provides financial support to entrepreneurs but also strengthens the bond between businesses and their communities, creating a vested interest in each other’s success.

PULA.US This is our solution for patriots in small business

Furthermore, community-driven initiatives often include mentorship programs, skill-sharing workshops, and networking events designed to share knowledge, foster innovation, and create collaborative opportunities. These efforts are tailored to meet the unique needs of the community and its businesses, providing targeted support that may not be available through government programs.

By focusing on local resources and capabilities, these parallel economies also contribute to a greater sense of ownership and accountability within the community. Entrepreneurs and community members work together to identify challenges and opportunities, creating solutions that are responsive to local needs and priorities.

Patriot Unity

Additionally, these initiatives often promote values such as sustainability, equity, and inclusivity, reflecting a broader desire to build economies that not only thrive financially but also contribute positively to society. By prioritizing these values, parallel economies can lead to more resilient and equitable community development.

As communities seek alternatives to traditional government support mechanisms, the creation of parallel economies represents a proactive and innovative approach to economic development. These initiatives showcase the power of community collaboration and entrepreneurship in building vibrant, self-reliant economies that are capable of overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Somewhere in the halls of government the high minded intellectuals just don’t like the idea of hard working white men being successful. Sure it happens because primarily most successful business owners don’t need help from the government, what they need is for the government to get the boot of their necks. You think those guys doing all the fixing and building for half price have the licenses or qualifications, proper insurance and paying taxes, yeah sure.

Our Solution:

What people want is value for their money, quality competent services by trained professionals.
Am I saying that the government picks and chooses what business they will support because of the owners gender or ethnicity, your GD right i’m saying it and it’s high time that an alternative resource is made available

As a business startup you need a plan and you need connections to professionals that can help with it


Accounting, legal, trades groups,advertising, tools,training, and at times some inspiration.

If you think this falls under the Small Business Administration your thought might be correct but you better have the right makeup. My opinion and experience is this is just another useless waste of taxpayer dollars, just like public education and these days including higher levels of learning.

This is not a racist rant so don’t get your pants in a wad you silly left wing NPR listener.

This is about a parallel economy where the people involved are sick of government intervention when it’s not needed or wanted.

It’s interesting to observe that when certain groups choose to engage in business primarily with individuals sharing their background, it’s often not labeled as exclusionary, unless the individuals are white. As a business owner, my focus is on offering quality services and earning a livelihood, without placing emphasis on the race or gender of my clientele. Yet, I’m required to indicate my race on various government documents. This raises questions about the relevance of such information. Additionally, being born into a family with a longstanding American heritage and wealth might stereotypically predestine someone for professions like law or medicine, rather than someone striving to overcome the challenges of low wages and poor working conditions within a corporate setting. While it’s true that some people prefer the stability of corporate employment and may not possess the entrepreneurial spirit, it’s important to recognize that life is about making choices. Hence, it’s unfair to attribute personal issues like alcoholism, unhealthy eating habits, or chronic health problems solely to one’s professional path.

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