Home Automation Must Have options

Home Automation Must Have options

Did you know you could add a water shutoff feature to your home automation system?

Because the Market is concerned with issues related to home security and home management systems we do reviews or informational posts on products we think have real potential.

this week we noticed something that was pretty interesting but also could be a real game changer.
This device is an automatic water shutoff valve. It comes with it’s own handy app but the real feature is it incorperates into a home automation system , specifically home assistant.

Check our posts on the home assistant build and some of the other options we have covered but for now get a load of this. Firstly on a personal observation is my Florida home was built in 1973. The water utility install way before that, My experience is our water billing system, although it having a smart meter, is not able to see irregular water events. Like a stuck toilet flapper, my water bill shot up double.

Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff with 2 Smart Leak Detectors: An Informational Post and Review

Overview: The Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff is an advanced home water monitoring and control system designed to protect your home from water damage and leaks. Paired with two Smart Leak Detectors, this system offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring your home’s water usage and detecting leaks early to prevent potential damage.


  • 24/7 Monitoring: The system continuously monitors water flow, pressure, and temperature, allowing for the early detection of leaks and vulnerabilities.
  • Automatic Shutoff: In the event of a catastrophic leak, the Flo device can automatically shut off the water supply to minimize damage.
  • Smart Leak Detectors: These detectors can be placed in areas prone to leaks, such as under sinks, by the water heater, or near appliances, providing additional layers of protection.
  • Remote Control: Through the mobile app, users can monitor real-time water usage, receive alerts, and remotely turn their water on or off from anywhere.
  • Water Conservation: The system provides insights into water usage, helping households to conserve water and potentially lower water bills.


  • Provides peace of mind with its leak detection and automatic shutoff features.
  • Helps in water conservation by identifying leaks and monitoring water usage.
  • Easy to manage through its user-friendly app.
  • The inclusion of Smart Leak Detectors enhances the system’s leak detection capabilities.


  • The initial cost and installation may be higher than traditional systems.
  • Requires a Wi-Fi connection for optimal functionality.
  • Compatibility with your home’s plumbing system should be verified before purchase.

Product Review: The Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff system is highly regarded for its effectiveness in preventing water damage and conserving water. Users have praised its comprehensive monitoring capabilities, which not only alert them to leaks but also provide detailed insights into their water usage. The automatic shutoff feature is frequently highlighted as a game-changer, offering significant protection against potential water damage. However, some users have mentioned the installation process can be a bit challenging for those not familiar with plumbing. Overall, the system is seen as a valuable investment for homeowners looking to protect their property and manage water usage more efficiently.

Alternatives: For those considering other options, here are a few alternatives to the Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff:

  1. Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff: Offers similar leak detection and automatic shutoff capabilities, with the addition of detailed analysis on water usage and the ability to identify potential issues in the plumbing system.
  2. LeakSmart Snap: A no-tool-installation system that also provides 24/7 monitoring, automatic shutoff, and smart home integration, suitable for those seeking an easier setup.
  3. Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detector: While not offering automatic shutoff, this device provides early warnings for leaks and freezing, making it a more budget-friendly monitoring solution.

Conclusion: The Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff, along with its Smart Leak Detectors, represents a robust solution for protecting your home from water damage and conserving water. While it might require an initial investment, the benefits of preventing costly water damage and reducing water bills can make it a worthwhile addition to many homes. Considering the alternatives can also help ensure that you find the best system to meet your specific needs and preferences.

the Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff system offers compatibility with several smart home platforms, allowing for integration with smart home systems for enhanced functionality and control. Specifically, Moen’s smart water system is known to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling users to monitor their water usage, receive alerts, and control the water shut-off feature using voice commands. This integration facilitates a more convenient and efficient way to manage water usage and respond to potential leaks.

However, regarding compatibility with Home Assistant (a popular open-source home automation platform) or Matter (the new connectivity standard aimed at increasing interoperability among smart home products), specific details can vary based on the most current software updates and integrations provided by Moen and these platforms.

  • Home Assistant: While Moen Flo’s native support for Home Assistant might not be advertised, the Home Assistant community often develops custom integrations for various smart home devices. These integrations can enable devices to work with Home Assistant, even if not officially supported by the device manufacturer.
  • Matter Interface: Matter aims to unify smart home devices under a common standard, promoting interoperability. As Matter is a relatively new standard, device manufacturers are in the process of adopting it. Moen Flo’s support for Matter would depend on Moen’s commitment to adopting this standard and providing firmware updates to make their devices compatible.

For the most current information on compatibility with Home Assistant, Matter, or any other smart home platform, it is best to consult directly with Moen’s official support or product documentation. Additionally, the Home Assistant community forums and documentation can be valuable resources for finding out about unofficial integrations or workarounds developed by the community.


March 18, 2024

I’ve had mine for over 4 years, no issues and it has saved me from both my laundry room and kitchen getting flooded in two separate occasions. Plus probably about a hundred other times when a toilet handle or flapper gets stuck. I wouldn’t hesitate buying a new one if my current one dies.

I would rather spend $500 again, than go through the hassle that is insurance claims in my state and then getting dropped from my carrier for having filed a claim.

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