Makers      “WELCOME”

Makers “WELCOME”

If you have not figured it out yet the Volusia Market is about the builders and fixers in our community. We seek and explore the many maker projects every day, some we publish and some we build. Now I’m not going to strip a transformer from a microwave and send an electric shock wave into a piece of wood but i might get close, maybe use a tig welder or cram some rod into a piece of steel using a discarded bedframe to build a chicken coop roof. Some builds or mods are down right dangerous, if it says it might kill you I kinda stay away. Those microwave transformers have their place though, especially if you want a cheep spot welder.

This isn’t just a classifieds platform; it’s a hub for secure exchanges, skill-sharing, and uplifting local businesses and talent. The Market will serve as the go-to destination for residents to buy, sell, share skills through lessons, and connect on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Key Features Tailored to Your Conservative Community:

  • Faith-Based Foundation: Our platform respects and upholds Christian beliefs, ensuring a safe and positive environment for all transactions and interactions.
  • Secure Memberships: With a focus on security, memberships ensure that interactions are safe and trustworthy, fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  • Local Focus with National Support: While the market will represent your local town or city, you’ll benefit from national ads provided by a central agency, ensuring broad exposure and support.
  • Comprehensive Information Posts: Dive into a vast archive of technical, business, and healthy lifestyle articles. This content not only enriches the user experience but also encourages a well-rounded, informed community.

How it works, unlike the social networks that spy on you and sell your information “The Market” is about meeting people and building relationships based on helping each other in the community. Yes it’s a market place where you trade goods and services, this is the purpose. It’s not a hit and run classifieds, members are verified and can even reach levels of trust. If you haven’t gotten it yet we are all MAGA!

Members can post items for sale or services, they can write posts and demonstrate products, and my favourite you can post a shoutout to give a big thanks to a small business that provided great service.

We are a start-up in the very early stages of inception. If you have a business that puts family values first and love America as founded you will understand we face forces that do not agree with our views. Especially government agencies and workers who believe the government is GOD, it is not.

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