Market Meals Program   It’s Local

Market Meals Program It’s Local

Food is a necessity. Finding good wholesome meals can be difficult at times and should be more accessible. What is Volusia Market doing to help the community and especially local small business. Here is a couple programs.

First 50 lets do a weekly meal buy from a small business to help them clear inventory and move some products. We’ll buy the 50 and put it online, you determine the time and agree to the price and we will deliver it.

This is such a win win situation. We get a great deal on wholesome fully prepped meals and you get a break on per plate costs. But that’s not our objective, we want to help, we want to be involved in working with the community. If your in need just ask, yes times are tough and things won’t get better until MAGA returns but still you need to eat and you can help small business and the hungry at the same time.

Purchase a meal for someone anonymously and know your doing good. Yes you can buy someone am meal either as a reward for great service or just as a jesture of kindness. We will deliver the meal hot and ready to eat to a specif person or address. This is a limited offering set to a number of plates

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